March 3, 2021

Oregon Adventure Elopement Locations

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How to Elope in Oregon

1. Choose a time of year.

Depending on the time of year, you can get that ethereal summer golden hour glow (June-August) or moody and rainy during the Fall and Winter months (September-February)

2. Hire your vendor team (Message me and we can chat)

3. Decide on the perfect elopement location in Oregon

4. Get your Oregon marriage license

5. Plan to celebrate and soak in all the newlywed bliss! Congrats, ya'll are officially married.

Oregon is absolutely magical

Whether you’re looking for beautiful mountains, dense green forests, stunning waterfalls, or coastal hikes...Oregon has it all which might make this the perfect place for your elopement adventure! Read below to learn more about a few of my favorite Oregon Elopement spots. The options are endless and can fit any vibe that you're looking for.

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Columbia River Gorge

The Gorge is ideal for elopements at any time of year, though you’d be getting distinctly different vibes each season. Winter often brings snow to even the lower trails, and the upper trails can become treacherous. Yet, the colder months also bring a dense fog that can only be described as intimately romantic and moody. Spring in The Gorge is notable for gushing waterfalls and some of the best sunsets as the light glints off each branch of dewy new growth. Summer is perfect for longer hikes to viewpoints as the sun sets late into the evening and the trails finally dry out. Fall brings color to patches of deciduous trees amongst the evergreen forests. No matter the time of year, there is always something to do in The Gorge.

Mt. Hood

Couples who choose Mt. Hood as their elopement destination will enjoy the vast opportunities for outdoor fun and stunning landscapes around this iconic mountain.

While you can see the peak on a clear day from downtown Portland, getting to the mountain takes just over an hour of driving out of the city. It is feasible to stay in Portland and travel to Mt. Hood for a day of adventuring and return later that day, or choose from a number of cabin rentals in Government Camp, Rhododendron, or Mt. Hood Village.

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Oregon Coast and Beaches

The Oregon coast is the perfect place to elope for couples who truly love the Pacific Northwest. Watch the sun set beneath the horizon after saying your vows on one of the many beaches, cliffsides or hikes that make this coastline so special and feel so wild! Nature rules here and we love that about Oregon – this isn’t the sort of beach where you go to get a tan, it’s where you go to find adventure!

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